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木曜日, 2月 05, 2009

Worldwide Available!!!

Now by download, 1st Album "cool dawn place" and 2nd EP "deep shape blue" is worldwide available in iTunes Music Store.

"cool dawn place"

"deep shape blue"

And if you want CD, Please check out here !!!

Now I am sorry that 1st album "cool dawn place" is available by only iTunes Music Store download.

In my opinion, download is convenience and recently thats sound quality is coming better than past, but I want to send music by CD format.
Music is Music but I think Music is include that design, I want you enjoy our music include jacket design.

Now I try that 1st album "cool dawn place" CD be coming available worldwide. Coming Soon!!!

Anyway, I like CD or LP format, but that is an old fashioned at now ?


Hajime Yamamoto